Schneider Electric is a world leader in the field of power distribution and automation. Based all over the world, its materials and services are a guarantee of quality. The off-grid division has developed complete solutions for many years and countless installations in isolated sites operate daily often under very extreme conditions. By developing a close partnership with their teams, Monkilowatt ensures that they offer reliable solutions capable of being maintained anywhere in the world.

Sunpower is a company that is majority owned by TOTAL. It produces the most high performance units on the market in terms of yield, which in our business where the m2 surfaces are limited, offers a key advantage. Finally, one of their assembly sites is located in Toulouse a few kilometers from ours which helps minimize the carbon footprint of our activity.

Cegelec Défense is a company belonging to VINCI Energie. The activity is mainly focused on products and services concerning support for people in operations theatres and catastrophe sites. With this in mind, Cegelec Défense has developed an ultrafiltration water treatment system. Our partnership enables the integration of their whole system in the 20 foot Containwatt Hospitality (version 10kWp) system. Hence, SAMTE 3500ZE operates 24/7 without any human intervention.

The DERBI competitiveness cluster brings together in the  Occitanie – Pyrénées Méditerrannée region, companies, laboratories, universities, training centers, professional trade organizations, financial organizations, and local authorities involved in the development of the renewable energies sector. Its mission is to develop at the regional, national and international levels, innovation, research, training, technology transfer, the development and creation of companies in the field of renewable energies applied to the building sector and industry. Monkilowatt is a member of the competitiveness cluster and has been awarded the Derbi label.