The Management team

Christian Saubion, Stéphane De La Fournière and Jean-Marc Lalane are the founders of Monkilowatt. We have been working for more than 30 years in the energy and electricity sector and in particular, we have extensive experience in research and industry. Founders of the companies CIRTEM, IGE +XAO (groupe Schneider electric) and MIDISOLAIRE, we are known for our innovativeness and the high quality of our products. We have created some very successful products such as the electric CAD software, “See Electrical”, the traction chain of cars for the Bolloré group or that of the MIDITOP system, the first French BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic) system to obtain the Passinnovation and the Technical approval of the CSTB. By pooling our expertise and experience, we aim to be a key actor on the medium power generator market.

Christian Saubion et Jean-Marc Lalane
Christian Saubion et Jean-Marc Lalane

Our business

Our business is rooted in two skills embodied by the concept of simplexity or the art of making something simple from something that is complex. Our first area of expertise is mechanical and covers both the choice of materials and structural calculations along with component and system design. Our second area of expertise lies in designing electric systems for complex or demanding environments (storage technologies, energy conversion, hybrid mode, thermic behavior).

Our focus is on useful innovation, in other words when the benefits have a positive ROI for the customer. To this end, we develop genuinely innovative solutions that answer a real market need.


MONKILOWATT is committed to empowering people to appropriate sustainable energy ressources. We use an eco-responsible approach to develop our products taking into account the full range of societal and ecological issues.

The CONTAINWATT project aims to develop renewable electricity generators to be used by groups of people or populations who do not have electricity available to them on site. We think that energy must be accessible to everyone, while having the least impact possible on the environment. Our products and solutions fulfill these objectives while actively developing the local economy, and promoting education and health through equitable, sustainable development. For use in both short or long term base camps, our products are designed to help people to survive or simply empower them to live in areas without any infrastructure.

Within the framework of a growing market, we are innovating strongly using our double function approach (electricity supply and creation of spaces). We have filed an international patent for this functional approach. Hand in hand with implementing reliable, robust electricity production systems, we intend to become a major actor on the world market for transportable renewable energy generators.

Containwatt map

We believe that it is possible to reconcile human progress and preserving the environment. Our entrepreneurial approach, through products that we sell (carbon footprint analysis) as well as through our company’s socially responsible approach, enables us to analyze the social and environmental impacts of our business. We operate to minimize these impacts and ensure that they are as acceptable as possible for the environment. We do not claim to have perfect behavior but at Monkilowatt we try to make sure that everyone who works for or with us is aware of our individual and collective responsibility.

Labels / Prizes

Our Containwatt® solution has just obtained the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label
and is now qualified by the Solar Impulse Foundation.
We are very proud to be selected by the Bertrand Piccard foundation as one of #1000 solutions that are already efficient to effectively make possible the ecological transition, and combine cost saving with ecology!

We have earned the approval of the DERBI competitiveness cluster and we have just been awarded the x « coup de coeur » at the Energaïa 2018 show.

Citizen engagement
of Monkilowatt

Monkilowatt is a sponsor of the association, Toit à Moi. In fact, our CSR approach aims concretely and as soon as possible to actively participate in the life of the city. This association helps people in very difficult circumstances sustainably change their lives. How? By providing them with housing and helping them reintegrate society through the elaboration and realization of their new life project. The management team of monkilowatt is personally involved on a volunteer basis in the operational running of this association.