Containwatt, the most powerful photovoltaic electricity generator on the market transportable in a 20 foot container

Multi-usage solution that can be assembled in less than one day

Our Containwatt solution is labeled
« Solar Impusle Efficient Solution »

Our Containwatt® solution has just obtained the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label
and is now qualified by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

We are very proud to be selected by the Bertrand Piccard foundation as one of #1000 solutions that are already efficient to effectively make possible the ecological transition, and combine cost saving with ecology.

Bertrand Piccard, founder and president of the Solar Impulse foundation,
talks about our solution :

CONTAINWATT® is available in different versions:


CONTAINWATT® creates a shaded storage space or parking area under its solar roof.


CONTAINWATT® and its tents will meet all your needs for your remote living quarters, all packed up in a single container.


CONTAINWATT® can be deployed and attached to most types of bungalows/containers.

How is Containwatt® assembled ?

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With no PV panel infrastructure protection, no power supply and a small footprint, Containwatt® is a solution which answers the need for “functionality” while combining both a renewable, autonomous electricity supply with an adaptable volume shelter.